Picture from Natural Park of Vrana Lake

Natural Park of Vrana; must see.

At just a km away behind Pakostane, Vransko Lake is the largest natural lake in the country. It is known for its tremendous biodiversity, freshwater springs, and the fact that a rare natural habitat for waterbirds exists there.

 Due to numerous infiltrations as well as a man-made canal connection between the lake and the sea, the sea is pouring into the lake or the lake into the sea depending on various natural factors.

 Rich Biodiversity

Home to more than 240 birds species this ornithological reserve is considered to be an important bird area in Europe.

Real heaven for fisherman, plenty of different fishes species are also
to be found in the lake, and with a license delivered by the park’s
office, you could get a try and enjoy the drill of catching your evening

Considered by the Romans to be an important source of
fresh water to supply the city of Zadar, the area was and still is an
important agricultural activity for the region.
Over the centuries,
great civilizations have left us with the remains that prove the
economic and strategic importance of the lake and its surroundings.

Excellent mountain bikes are for rent in the village.

Mountain bike tracks have been created recently all around the lake, and
it is probably the best way to discover all the wonders that the lake
can offer to those who can appreciate the natural beauty in its simplest
and authentic form. Those tracks will lead you between many olive trees
fields to find out many ruins and especially an impressive ‘’Templar’’
castle. Climb up the hill for a breathtaking panorama over the lake, the
villages, and the Adriatic sea.

If you are keen to visit and discover the natural park of Vrana, we will provide you with maps, binoculars, and books on birds.

Entrance fee: 25kn