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Vransko lake

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Vransko Jezero - Vrana Lake | Mountain Biking in Croatia | Fishing, Croatia

Mountain bikers and fishermen will be in paradise at the Nature Park in Croatia Vransko Lake.

Mountain Biking in Croatia

The unique landscape makes this area a draw for outdoor enthusiasts and the ancient Roman culture and medieval history only add to its allure. Distinctive fishing possibilities for anglers looking for an opportunity to cast a line will equally enjoy fishing Croatia and mountain biking paths along the picturesque backdrop of this enchanted Croatian location make it a highly desired holiday destination.

Vransko Lake is the largest lake in the country of Croatia. It is known for its tremendous bioddiversity, fresh water springs and the fact that a rare natural habitat for waterbirds exists there. The nature park is about 57 square kilometers, 30 km2 of which is comprised of the lake itself. The nature park is located between Pirovac and Pakostane. It is worth noting that in some areas of the park, the lake is less than a kilometer away from the sea coast adding yet another layer to the complexity of the natural environment.

  • Outdoor Adventure in Croatia includes Mountain Biking, Fishing and Nature
  • You don't need to travel with your own mountain bike to enjoy the fantastic cycling opportunities. Because cycling is becoming increasingly popular, mountain bike rentals are becoming more widely available, particularly in Pakostane.

The site of a large ornithological nature reserve, Nature Park in Croatia Vransko Lake is home to several species of exotic and endangered birds. Not only an exhilarating adventure, Mountain biking in Croatia is also a chance to see fascinating wildlife and stunning fauna that is present in the reserve of Vransko Lake .

Covered with over fifty square kilometers of marshes and water, the nature park also offers some interesting opportunities for Fishing Croatia. Find fish species here that you may not have ever reeled in before. Croatia was founded amid the remains of the Roman Empire. It has been determined by ruins discovered in the area that the history of Nature Park in Croatia Vransko Lake dates back to 2000 BC.

Mountain biking in Croatia Nature Park Vransko Lake

Mountain Biking in Croatia

With numerous cycling tours both guided and self-guided as well as extended biking trips, there are many paths and trails recommended for Mountain biking in Croatia. The area around the Nature Park in Croatia Vransko Lake offers many spectacular routes for mountain bikers at all levels including a fifty kilometer trail around the lake.

Bikers can also start a ride in the middle of Pirovac, a trail takes you in the direction of Stankovci. From there, travel through the olive groves and vinyards near Vransko Lake. At the crossroads, you can either bike along side of the Adriatic Highway or take the longer route that will take you to Vrana or Banjevci. From Banjevci ride toward Donji Bakovici and you will ascend to a point where you can see a spectacular view of Vransko Lake.

You can also reach the lake on the north side as you wend your way through a canyon. Regardless of the path you take, there are sure to be amazing sights for you to admire Mountain biking in Croatia.

Fishing in Croatia

Fishing Croatia does not get any better than the opportunities in the Nature Park in Croatia Vransko Lake.

The lake waters are brackish, including both fresh water as well as marine fish. Carp and mullet are plentiful in the area and the lake also includes catfish, pike, and eel. Different species of fish have been introduced over time to the lake making Fishing Croatia a truly exceptional experience. With so many places to explore, it is no wonder that Nature Park in Croatia Vransko Lake is a must see destination for holiday travelers.

Mountain biking in Croatia is an invigorating way to get close to the natural beauty around the lake and surrounding areas. You never know what you are going to find at the end of your line when Fishing Croatia. With the wide expanse of fresh water, fisherman can go out year round and relax in this scenic and tranquil setting while waiting for a bite.

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With all that the Nature Park in Croatia Vransko Lake has to offer, it's no wonder that mountain biking Croatia adventurers make this a must experience component of their holiday. Likewise fishing Croatia wouldn't be complete without casting a line for one of the many unique species of this huge lake.