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Join us in Villa Lena tour and see what 's everybody talking about...

Surrounded by six National and Natural Parks as well as four historical cities with a rich heritage, the Villa Lena is located at an ideal position for visiting all the natural and cultural wonders that Croatia has to offer. Our program proposes daily excursions to all beautiful and exciting places which are all very close to our village Pakostane.
All the destinations are situated at a close range from the Villa Lena, between 35 km and 155 km.

Passionate by our country, we take a special commitment to share with our guests our traditions, and Mediterranean way of life that make Croatia so attractive. You will discover Plitvice Lakes, the most popular Croatia’s National Park; it amazes visitors from all over the world with its 16 lakes, 92 waterfalls and lush forest. The medieval city of Trogir; ”the museum city“ classified as world heritage by UNESCO. Diocletian’s palace, and cathedral of St.Duje with beautiful bell tower in Split, dating from the IV century a.d., first made as roman emperor mausoleum. The National Park of Kornati, an archipelago of 92 islands, with amazing landscape, breathtaking cliffs and peaceful bays to fulfill your vacation with unforgettable memories.

We are driving our guests in our mini-bus guided with a local English and French speaking person.

Our season starts from April and last until October, although the summer time is the most visited period, the spring and autumn are certainly the most pleasant to visit all the natural and cultural attractions that Croatia has to offer.

Monday : Split and Trogir: 30 euro/person. (click here to see more)


Split, the capital of Dalmatia, is a vibrantly modern Mediterranean city, dating back 1700 years.

Numerous historical and cultural monuments, the famous palace of Diocleclian being among them, are registered under UNESCO’s world heritage list.

The city of Trogir, which could be described as a large open air museum, is indeed a very touristic destination and fills the city with crowds of tourists during the summer.

Considered as a jewel of the European civilization, the city houses numerous buildings, churches and palaces that have been created by some of the finest artists during a period stretching more than 2000 years. The whole city center is registered under UNESCO’s world heritage list.

Tuesday: National Park Krka and the city of Sibenik: 30 euro/person (click here to see more)

NP Krka Waterfalls

Visit to the national park Krka, which is located about 50 km at the south of Pakostane. It took its name from the river Krka, which flows down in a series of wonderful waterfalls.

After buying your ticket at the entrance* in Skardin, you are invited to embark on a boat for a short ride that will take you to the first set of waterfalls.

Deep canyons, amazingly rich biodiversity and an ethno village are there for you to enjoy during your day-long excursion in this National Park which is open all year round. On the way back, we will make a stop in the city of Sibenik, where the visit of the St.James Cathedral, world heritage by UNESCO, will fulfill your day.

* National Park Krka ticket fee is not included in our price.

Wednesday: Free day. (click here to see more)

Pakostane Plage

Enjoy the clear pristine water, sunbath in some of the best beaches, or be active and learn to sail, paddle around the island with a kayak, ride a bike around the lake, try water-ski and much more activities available in Pakostane.

Thursday: "off the beaten track" : 30 euro/person. (click here to see more)

Pakostane Plage

So much to see for such a small country, it is no surprised that many interesting places are left over by the main touristic tour. This day, you will be taken deeper into the culture and tradition of Croatia. The tour included, a templar castle, the natural reserve of Vrana’s lake, an old orthodox monastery, the source of the Krupa river, and roman ancient camp ruins, and an amazing panorama at Vidikovac

Friday: The National Park of Kornati and Park of Telascica: 35 euro/person (click here)

NP Kornati, Croatia

Due to its exceptional landscape beauty and amazingly rich marine ecosystem, the National Park of Kornati was founded in 1980.

Last frontier to the open sea, spectacular cliffs shaped by the natural elements for over millions of years are the most popular attraction to see. 89 islands, islets and rocks compose this unique archipelago in Mediterranean. In the morning you will embark on your excursion boat for Kornati,and spend day on the sea so prepare yourself and enjoy the trip.

Saturday: The city of Zadar: 20 euro/person (click here to see more)

the City of Zadar, Croatia

This is a half day excursion; you visit the city of Zadar in the morning and will be back in Pakostane early afternoon.

Through the past Zadar has always been desirable place because of its beauty, location and prosperity.

Today Zadar also attracts many foreigners in search for spirit of essential Mediterranean cities. Marble streets will take you to roman forum, St.Donat, churchbell towers and St. Anastasias Cathedral and all this in its beauty will proudly stay against famous sunset and unique in the world, sea organ.

Sunday: The National Park of Plitvice: 40 euro/person (click here to see more)

the NP Plitvice, Croatia

Certainly the most popular national park in Croatia, it is situated about 155 km away from Pakostane and almost half way to the capital Zagreb.

This unique place with numerous crystal green-blue lakes will transport you to a magical world.

Due to vast forest areas, giant waterfalls, exceptionally rich flora and fauna, UNESCO has placed this park on their world heritage list in 1979. Every season has its own charm and unique atmosphere.

PS: Price does not included entrance fee for the National Park.

PS: The progam above can be modified due to the weather, or other factors (festivities, ...)

The price of exrcursion includes transport and guide, but does not include entrance fees for parks and museums.