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Pakostane Croatia, Croatia Beach

Summer Games

Pakostane Summer games

  • There is always something going on in the center of town.
  • Traditional vocal music, or clapa, concerts fill the center square with music.
  • The official summer festival takes place during the first week of August every year.
  • Donkey races are a unique and amusing part of the festival experience.
  • Municipal day on July 30 sometimes blends in with the summer festival.
  • Spring is a good time for celebration, too.
  • Forty days after Easter is the feast called Krizi,

...and it is an excellent time to appreciate the local way of celebrating, the food and spirits- especially the Dalmatian wine.

Pakostane's rich history

Pakostane, Croatia has a long and rich history that is reflected in numerous architectural remains throughout the town and its surrounding.

Pakostane Summer games

Ancient roman wreck, city wall submerge nowadays by the sea, Templar castle at Vrana, those are just few examples of the memories that ancients civilizations have left us.

Pakostane, Croatia

Pakostane, Croatia,

Pakostane, Croatia is in a unique location. It has both a seashore with some of the nicest beaches Croatia and a lakeshore at its edges. The Adriatic Sea at the south and Lake Vransko Jezero on the north, both border this village of fewer than 5,000 residents. It is a rare combination, offering a variety of memorable sights and activities.

Pakostane might be just a small village, but its features wonderfull beaches for relaxing, sunbathing or enjoying all kind of activities. Althouth the tourist season usually lasts through the summer months. Mediterranean weather is pleasant in the spring and fall as well. The beaches, Croatia and the sea will amaze travelers at all times of the year. Its colors and tranquility enchant and fascinate through all the seasons. The morning is the peaceful time of day in Pakostane, Croatia. Children and families can enjoy a quiet swim together.
Pakostane Croatia, Croatia Beach

The village of Pakostane, Croatia

Here in Dalmatia, when the sea is as calm as a lake, reflecting perfectly the sky, we call this phenomena "bonaca". The village of Pakostane, Croatia is home to a perfect natural wonder. The Croatia beach is an attraction in itself. It is a rare location, offering a variety of memorable sights and activities. Morning, daytime, and afternoon activities are easy to find and enjoy. If you like to spend actively your vacation, you will in Pakostane a wide range of activities that make your holiday as completed as possible.

Water Activities in Pakostane

Don’t just stop at the beach; Croatia has more to offer. There is really no time to get bored in Pakostane, all the naturals wonders make an excellent playground for all kind of water as well as inland activities. Sailing, kayaking, waterskiing, scuba diving, jet-ski, biking, tennis, beach volley, those are only few examples of what you can get when spending your vacation at Villa Lena.

Pakostane Croatia, Croatia Beach

Pakostane by Night

Finest restaurants offering you the tastiest dishes of the Dalmatian cuisine is also the pride of this little charming village. After a perfect day, who can resist the temptation of having a cocktail on a fine terrace watching a beautiful sunset by the sea. And for all those who like dancing throughout the night, our little village might surprise you. Modern bars and discotheques will surely gives you some unforgettable memories of Croatian nightlife…

Mediterranean cuisine is among the healthiest and tastiest in the world. Most villagers have their own vineyards, farms, and gardens. Locally made olive oil and wine are the perfect complements for the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available all over town. In Pakostane Croatia, good food and fresh natural products are simply a part of the lifestyle.Croatian fishers work on the lake and sea every day. The best products are brought to town almost immediately. At Pakostane’s little village market, fresh caught seafood are always available.

Pakostane, Croatia,

All those distinctive natural and cultural features are reflected in the life style of local people, their songs, and in the warmness they will welcome you. Renting an appartment within a stone's throw of the beach in Pakostane, Croatia is the best way to enjoy its true beauty.

Discover some beautifull beaches, Croatia and its culture, enjoy the drill of plenty activities - visit the Villa Lena in Pakostane Croatia