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Diving is fun and everybody can try it. A professional diving center just 30 m away from  Villa Lena will give you the unique opportunity to discover the wonderfull under water world. You also have the possibility to get a internanional diving brevet (about 4 days for the OWD), and join a boat trip for more exiting diving.


Welcome in our Diving-School!


Activities in Pakostane, Croatia

Activities Croatia, Activities in Pakostane, Croatia
The beauty of the rugged terrain and clear water of Croatia would make a perfect setting for your next getaway. A trip to Pakostane is a perfect choice for all ages, and there are activities in Pakostane to fit any outdoor whim.
Apart from relaxing in the shade of pine-wood or sunbathing on fabulous beaches, Pakostane has a wide range of different activities to entertain you during your holidays.
Pure crystalline sea, protected by hundreds of islands, makes Pakostane an idyllic spot for all sorts of marine activities.

Marine Activities, Sailing School, Catamaran Sailing, Boat rentals

There are innumerable water based activities in Croatia. Start your vacation in Pakostane by renting a boat. Several different categories of boat are available, with or without a skipper. Do not hesitated to explore the myriad of islands in front of Pakostane, and with a little bit of luck you may encounter dolphins.

Activities Croatia, Activities in Pakostane, Croatia

You can even learn to sail on a catamaran!

Right on the beach you will find a sailing school with a nice fleet of catamarans and windsurfing equipment. Those catamarans are so easy to maneuver that in just few lessons, you will be able to sail from one island to an other. A regatta is held twice a year in Pakostane, and you are more than welcome to join the race.

Because of its unique location between the sea and the lake, Pakostane is also a real paradise for fishing in Croatia. Fresh water fishing as well as sea water fishing excursions are part of the activities Croatia has to offer you. A fishing license is easily obtained at a local office.

Kayaking, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Windsurfing ... Activities Croatia

Activities in Croatia
Try your hand at sea kayaking. Kayaks are available for rent, and paddling along the coast will allow you to discover hidden bays and amazingly beautiful beaches you only dream about. Imagine the peace and quiet waiting to be experienced in your own little bay! Pakostane is also an idyllic spot for waterskiing. Because of all the islands around, the sea is completely placid in the mornings and evenings. It is well known that Adriatic is one of the best spot for waterskiing. In Villa Lena we have a boat and all the equipment for waterskiing, monoskiing, and wakeboarding.

Land Activities in Pakostane - Biking, Hiking, Bird Watching

Excellent mountain bikes have become available for rent in Pakostane, as biking becomes more and more popular in the region. Special bike tracks have been created around the lake (about 50 km), long enough to satisfy the most avid biker. You can also easily put your bike in a ferry boat to explore Pasman and all the little typical mediterranean villages on the island. Hiking is also an option, and will afford you plenty of sight seeing and bird watching opportunities. Don't forget your camera!

Horseback riding

Activities in Croatia
If getting around on two wheels is not your thing, try horse back riding. Owners passionate about horses have imported the most well behaved animals from all over the world to a local ranch. The horse ranch is based on the border of the lake, just two short kilometers away from Pakostane. All experience levels are welcome. Don't pass up this amazing opportunity to ride horses in a beautiful location.

Beach Voley, Tennis and more...

Activities in Croatia

For the sports lovers, there are beach volleyball games to play and tennis courts to discover. The villa offers a variety of games and sports equipment. Be sure not to miss the local beach volleyball tournament. If you're a free spirit, just rent a scooter! Our scooters offer you a way to explore all the wonderful places around Pakostane, and participate in other activities in Croatia.

You will never see anywhere more beautiful, or have more fun than when you are participating in carefree activities in Pakostane ! Come to explore, relax, exercise, discover, and have fun! This idyllic little village on the Adriatic coast will offer you the best of Croatia.